Economic Diversity and Small Business Empowerment

Promoting economic diversification and fostering a robust job market are essential for a thriving Reno community. As a city council member deeply rooted in this community, I’ve heard concerns about the challenges, high costs, and risks associated with starting a business. That’s why I’ve played a role in establishing public-private partnerships that provide free workshops in both English and Spanish for aspiring small business owners. As our city seeks external grants, it is crucial to ensure that these funds stay within our community to continue investing in Reno’s growth. Equally important is the creation of well-paying jobs with strong union representation, which can enhance the financial stability of our families while providing crucial benefits, advocacy, and safe workplaces.

Affordable Housing and Smart Planning

Access to attainable housing is crucial for the well-being of our residents, particularly first-time homebuyers. I am committed to continuing efforts to expand affordable housing options. Additionally, we must collaborate with landlords to ensure that rental properties are habitable and well-maintained, offering our renters a safe and comfortable living environment. Smart planning will be key to ensuring that our residents have convenient access to essential amenities.

Parks, Community Centers, and Recreational Facilities

Our neighborhood parks and recreational spaces are the heart of our community, and we don’t need the city to remind us of the disrepair we witness every time our families visit these cherished spaces. Ward 3 boasts the Rosewood Nature Study Area, Neil Road Recreation Center, a segment of the Truckee River Trail, and Mira Loma Park. My commitment as your council member is to maintain these parks at the highest standards and explore opportunities to expand amenities like pools, community centers, and sports fields. Let’s ensure our children and neighbors can continue to enjoy well-maintained playgrounds and open spaces.

Community Safety and Infrastructure Enhancement

Ensuring safe commutes to school, work, or the grocery store is a top priority. It deeply concerns me that our children face fears while traveling to school and back home. We must invest in essential infrastructure improvements to make our streets safer, including sidewalks, proper lighting, painted bike paths, strategically placed stop signs, and flashing speed beacons. Addressing issues like overgrown weeds and graffiti is also crucial for improving both safety and aesthetics. Furthermore, building trust between our community and safety personnel is vital for enhancing overall community safety.

Quality Education and Youth Empowerment

The quality of our schools significantly impacts the future of our children, and it’s time to address this issue. It’s disheartening that 1 and 2-star schools often go overlooked. We need to actively engage with public schools to invest in our ward, providing additional educational opportunities and choices when necessary. Equipping our youth with high-level skills and training will prepare them for the demands of the modern job market. It’s unacceptable for our children to feel threatened while attending school. Holding schools accountable for their performance, working closely with partners, and demanding immediate improvements are all essential steps to create a safer and more successful learning environment. My personal experience of graduating from Echo Loder ES, raising two children in the public school system, and investing in our youth motivates me to support and hold our educational leaders accountable.